Saint Barnabas CCD  Bronx, New York St. Barnabas Elementary School, Bronx St. Barnabas High School

Societies & Ministries    

Parish Societies & Ministries

Altar Servers: Boys and Girls from 5th grade through High School are welcome to apply for training as Altar Servers. Recruitment is ongoing and training will begin in November with Installation in December. A second session will take place in February if there is enough interest with Installation for service taking place in March. Monthly meetings of Altar Servers (Elementary School/Religious Education Program) take place on the Second (2nd) Tuesday of each Month at 4:00 pm in the Main Church. High School servers will meet on the 3rd Saturday of the Month at 1:00 pm in the Main Church. For further information contact Fr. Jean-Pierre Seon at 718 324-1478 ext 18, or

Altar Rosary Society: Mary Dee McMahon (914) 237-7709 Recitation of the Rosary is led on the First Sunday of every month (Sept.-June) after the 9:00am Mass in the Main Church followed by breakfast in the High School Cafeteria. Members give special attention to the care of the altar.

Nocturnal Adoration Society: Vincent Lentini (914) 237-7901 Benediction is on the first Friday of each month in the Main Church 9:00am-10:00pm. 

Secular Franciscan Order: Rocco Mastronardi (914) 968-5643 and  Interested parties should call or meet with the Fraternity on the 4th Sunday of the month in the High School cafeteria after the 1:00P.M. Mass.

Parish Affiliates


St. Barnabas Athletic Club (BAC) Contact Maureen Murray through the Elementary School

Woodlean Boys & Girls Sports (Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Baseball
, Softball) Registration on-going

Ancient Order of Hibernians:
An Irish Fraternal Group who supports new Immigrants.  Contact Martin Galvin at 718 324-8726 or 

Woodlawn Taxpayers Assn
: for the Bronx side of  the Parish Chris Higgins President,  (718) 324-1427 or

Hyatt Assn
: for the Yonkers side of  the Parish, Larry Wilson , President. Open to the Hyatt/McLean locality. Meet during Spring and Autumn

AARP #1147
: Meetings are 2nd and 4th Thursday 2:00pm-4:30pm in the Elementary School Cafeteria.  For more information contact Jennie Cutaia at 718 547-2552

: Meets Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:00pm in the Considine Center.

EMS (Early Morning Sobriety)
: Meets Monday  through Saturday 8:00am to 10am in the  Considine Center.