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Are you interested in becoming a Lector? Send email to or leave your name and phone number in the rectory office.

Welcome to the pages of our parish website. One way to look at Saint Barnabas Parish is an association of God’s people who come together for spiritual nourishment at the altar and then “go in peace to love and serve”. Opportunities to love and serve abound. Involvement and participation are ingredients for a vibrant parish. This site tries to indicate some of the formal areas where you can find a niche among our 3,000 families in order to make this parish your own.

We are a prayerful parish. At any time in the day or night you can find people at mass or at prayer. You will often find these same people involved in some aspect of the pastoral life of the parish. We are a people who stand shoulder-to-shoulder at prayer and at work for the good of the parish. Please look over the parish directory, and then make contact with the people listed for more information. Our weekly bulletin is the common method of keeping informed about parish activities or contact our website.
                                                                                                        ~ Msgr. Edward Barry

St. Barnabas Church
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St. Barnabas CCD: 718 324-0865

We welcome new members to our Parish Family.
Please register at the Rectory Office Monday through Friday, 8:30am. to 4:00pm.